Acoustic decor panel

Excellent absorption The acoustic absorbers effectively help lower the noise level in a wide variety of rooms.
Various application areas Can be used in any room where several people work.
Optically appealing Eight different colors make it possible to underline the aesthetics of the room, or to set new accents.
Hardly flammable The material is tested according to ÖNORM A3800 part 1 and classified as hardly flammable.

Optimal room acoustics for modern buildings

Modern architecture combines the materials concrete and glass with a simple design and a reduction to the most essential. But the beautiful aesthetics come with a disadvantage: The reverberant surfaces generate unpleasant room acoustics with long reverberation and pronounced propagation of sound waves.


An acoustics solution using decor panels from audiofoam effectively combines sound insulation and aesthetics. The sound waves can penetrate the open cell structure of the melamine resin foam and the acoustic nonwoven instead of being reflected into the room.


Acoustic deco panels are glued directly to the wall and ceiling, so that no separate substructure is required.


Application areas

  • Call centres  
  • Schools, kindergartens, sport facilities
  • Swimming pools  
  • Office buldings, meeting rooms, seminar rooms
  • Industrial and commercal halls
  • Orchestra and concert halls
  • Restaruants and hotels

The melamine resin foam captivates through its low weight, which enables good adhesion of the decorative panels.


Shape & Design

We offer a variety of shape and Designvariations to meet the requirements of our customers to the utmost extent possible.

  • Different thicknesses and sizes are available as needed
  • Basic models in round and angular shape, with or without bevelling
  • Any special shapes are possible as requested by the customer
  • All RAL and NCS colors and special colour blends can be implemented.


Standard formats

  • 615 x 615 x 40 mm with facet
  • 615 x 615 x 60 mm with facet
  • 615 x 615 x 80 mm with facet

As of now, we offer decor panels made of acoustic nonwoven from audiofoam, which complement the existing product range conveniently.

The white, rectangular acoustic nonwoven decor panels consist of a special mixture of polyester fibres offering efficient sound absorption. For increased robustness, the surface of the acoustic nonwoven is thermally embossed on both sides. This helps prevent penetration of dust and makes the material easy to clean.

The high flexibility of the acoustic nonwoven decor panels ensures that they are easy to deform without causing any mechanical damage.
The nonwoven decor panels are also perfect for subsequent acoustic renovation.


Standard formats

  • 615 x 615 x 40 mm without facet
  • 1230 x 615 x 40 mm without facet

Product information

absorption coefficient according to DIN 52212

Thickness in mm 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz
40 0,12 0,44 0,87 0,96 0,97 0,97
60 0,19* 0,73* 1,01* 1,10* 1,04* 1,05*
80 0,31* 1,04* 1,19* 1,18* 1,08* 1,05*


*Due to the thicker material thickness, these absorption coefficients ​​are achieved only with melamine resin foam acoustic decor plates.