Acoustic sails

Comprehensive application and color options The many assembly and color combination options enable design freedom.
Fabric cover is easy to clean The fabric covers of the acoustic sails are removable and wash-able up to 30 ° C.
Extremely light weight Depending on the format between 2.5 to 6kg.
Optimal for subsequent acoustics improvement The simple installation allows an acoustic improvement even in older buildings.

Wall linings and ceiling sails for improved acoustics

With our acoustic wall linings and ceiling sails, the acoustics in public and private rooms can be improved easily.


The acoustically functional melamin resin foam with excellent absorption values will ensure pleasant room acoustics. It is covered with a fabric cover in one of the eight available colors, which is removable and washable at 30 ° C. Our acoustic sails are available in five sizes and eight standard colors. Special formats on request.


The sails are easy to install and can also be combined with illumination and room cooling systems.In particular, the ceiling panels allow flexible mounting by a fixed or variable distance from the wall. The acoustic wall linings, however, require only a fixed distance.



Application areas:

  • Restaurants/hotels
  • Offices/meeting rooms
  • Hair/beauty salons
  • Therapy centres/day clinics

Available colors

Product information

equivalent absorption area according to ÖNORM EN ISO 354 / in m2 per absorber

Distance from ceiling is 200mm.     


Format in mm Weight in kg 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz
2500 x 1250 6 0,60 2,25 3,05 3,06 3,50 3,82
1900 x 1250 4 0,46 1,71 2,31 2,32 2,66 2,90
2500 x 625 3,5 0,27 1,09 1,74 1,74 1,98 2,05
1900 x 625 2,5 0,21 0,83 1,32 1,32 1,50 1,55


Attachment options

1 2 3 4


1 Wall mounting with suspension hook
2 Ceiling mounting with link chain (fixed ceiling distance)
3 Wall mounting with magnet (on request)
4 Ceiling mounting with wire suspension (variably adjustable)